Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim; Old Vs New

I want to write something poetic about the new addition of 40K. I really do, but the truth is that it doesn't matter to me. The most common thing I say to my wife or kids is 'Leave Well Enough Alone', no generally this means 'Stop messing with your hair and get in the car, we're running late', or 'Don't bitch that your brother got a bow and arrow for his birthday, you still get to use it'.

See, I look at things and I like how they work, in many cases. The thing is that 40K is poisoned by its own success. This is starting to look like something I should put on my angry blog, but its not. The problem with success is that something becomes popular, but even if everyone has a copy, no more copies sell. So things get updated, and changed. 

The thing is that Mordheim is the opposite. There are very few games that reach the small gem that Mordheim exists as. It's basically an old school parasite of a game. Which is what I want to talk about. Mordheim is a bit of a throw back to the oldest days of WHFB and 40K, where the game was much more like 'D&D encounters' then it was a massive army battle game. 

The thing is that old games and new games both have a place at the table. The old stuff tends to get pushed to the side though for the new shinyness. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that, new stuff keeps publishers in business. 

Mordheim, though is a game in stasis. It was based on (I believe) WHFB 5th/6th edition. There haven't been any major revisions since the 2002 Annual, which if my calender is correct, was almost a decade ago. That's not 'old school' its more 'out of date' school. There's a beauty in a game that isn't getting support, its up to the fans, but the core of it is unchanging. I can walk with Mordheim anywhere that anyone plays it, and it is still good to go. 

Trying to stay up to date with other games is tiring. Old games are awesome, and should still be played. It doesn't matter if its Mordheim, or D&D B/X, or Star Wars d6, or even Original World of Darkness. The games themselves haven't changed. They are still playable as the day they were released. Think about those old games you have on your self that you haven't played in awhile. Take them down, blow the dust off, and get to playing.

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  1. I still have a soft spot for a lot of the GW products that work like this. Blood Bowl springs to mind as just plain old fun, but also Necromunda and Space Hulk. At the moment Fantasy Flight are putting out some very good mini games based on these lines, without actually using minis (they're not allowed to step on Citadel's vast and expensive shoes) that are well worth a look. death Angel being the best twenty quid I've spent on a card/board game in the last ten years.