Blog FAQ

Here's an FAQ. Not that anyone actually asks me questions. However, I think it would be a good place to mention what I intend to do with it. Originally, I thought of focusing exclusively on Mordheim, and that will stay part of it. A major part of it. However, due to my major Gamer ADD, I can't stay focused on any one thing for long. So I guess this is more the mission statement, or how I am going to phrase things.

1. Monday Night Mordheim; While I might miss some times, this is still going to be the primary focus of the blog. Mordheim is the perfect blend of campaign and wargame for me. Not my first love, nor my latest, just the wargame that I keep coming back to over and over again.
2. Hobby Works; I still have much love for modelling and painting. I'm going to keep it up no matter what. So I will probably be getting some pics of stuff up sooner or later.
3. RPG Thoughts; Right now, this is where I'm going to talk about my favorite RPGs. Possibly do some reviews or some deep thoughts. Then again, I might just talk in depth about something that I saw on another blog. Right now, every RPG will fall under this category...anything from D&D 1-4, to Classic World of Darkness, and then we start to get obscure. So I might just split this up later, but for now, its all good under one umbrella.
4. Campaign Updates; While my Saturday Mordheim game has gone the way of the dodos, there are still other campaigns that I have going on. So I might have some updates here and there for those.
5. Off the Beaten Cobblestones; This is for the just plain off the wall stuff that doesn't fit neatly into any other category.
6. Industry Notes; This category, hopefully will be one that I don't spend too much time on. I really enjoy the actual industry stuff, the game industry is fascinating and I would to talk about it a bit as well.
7. Philosophy and Games; I also enjoy thinking about thinking. Some times I think a bit too deeply, but I want to share those thoughts.

My Group;
I have an odd group. It's not the group of gamers that I would ask for, its the group I kinda got stuck with. I do most of my gaming at work in the web support department (we're kinda geeks). So when we aren't answering questions like 'What is a password?' we play games. The people in the customer service department just gossip and talk about reality television. So we're better off.
Tom: Tom is an oddity in the tech department. He likes sports. A lot. He has a hard time grasping the rules of the complexity of games like Mordheim. The nice thing is he often makes surprising choices that are very fluffy but difficult to play.
Po: Po is a long term gamer, mainly focusing on video games. However, he has a nice background in most table top games. A bit of a power gamer, but a kindred spirit none-the-less.
Megan: The girl. Megan never played any RPG or wargame before getting on the team. However, we've turned her. She's bought dice and read game manuals. Soon, she'll be running games.
Jim: Jim is not on the team right now, but he'll be back after tax season ends. He's a gamer of the old school. Played a bunch of Vampire, some 2nd Ed D&D, some 3rd Ed 40K, and occasionally does some larp thing with foam swords.

About Me: I'm a youngish dude in my nearing to mid-thirties. I have three young sons, two are old enough to start playing, and the other is just becoming literate. I work doing the web support for a big corporation, which mainly consists of telling people what a password is, and then resetting it. I've had a number of different game groups in my life. I had the middle school group, and then a high school group, and then the college-early adulthood group. Now, I have the work group and the kids. It's interesting coming full circle in a way. I started gaming in like 6th grade, and now my eldest is really starting to play in 7th grade...its weird...