Monday, August 5, 2013

Campaign Conversations Part 1- The Beginning

So a few weeks ago, a buddy of mine dropped me an email asked me a simple question ;

Daniel's Question;
"Hey this is unrelated to our groups stuff but I'm thinking of starting a game of dnd ( to be played on days that arent our game days) with the group I played with in college.

Do you have any advice for this, anything you would do differently or is it pretty much like playing around a table?"

This question began a series of emails. Some of which some of you might find interesting. Many of you won't. I'm mainly putting this up so that I can have a good record of it.

My Response;
"Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I went to bed and then we went to the races today.

As for running a skype game. My suggestions;

1. DM needs headphones and microphone. I really really suggest it.
2. There's significantly less prep involved. Due to the nature of having the srd and other materials easily accessible, there is a lot less copy/paste you need to do.
3. The main thing I do differently (and the group picks up on it), is no talking over people. In a live game, three or four people can all talk or even hold side conversations and it won't effect anything, in skype if more then one talks at once, everything is garbled. Like I said, they pick up on that.
4. This is something that I don't do too often, but if you wanted, and it can be effective. Look up pics to send before the game. I'm ususally busy so I don't bother, but it can add a delightful dimension to a game.

Other then that, its no different. Probably the closest thing to a normal game there is"

This is going to be a long series. I'll probably pop up a new one MWF, or at least that's the idea, until the conversation peters out...

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