Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: Still Talking About New Players

Well, yet again, here I am talking about new players. I love talking about new players, and I rather fancy that my blog here is for both new players and veterans. Now, the thing is that people all over are hitting on new players pretty hard. Love that, especially since I've been doing that for so long.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff out there.

From House of Paincakes:

From Bell of Lost Souls:

FrontLine Gamer:

So Quite a bit out there. Not to mention my own contributions, which are intriguing and well worth the read. I won't do the links, since they are all there on the left hand side of the screen, which is an amazing little thing to go into. The thing is that they call talk about the same thing, the cost of entry. Granted Bigred is probably the most on point about it, and Frontline Gamer is probably the most prolific. This doesn't change the fact that I primarily started playing Mordheim and blogging about it because of the price increases of GW.

So I am still going on about it for a long time since I was first inspired. These guys have added to the argument, and I think its worthy of continue to talk about it. That's whats getting to me right now, is that there's a great conversation going on, and I on the other hand have either said what I need to or are exhausted to add new stuff to the comments. So I'm out for now. I'll be back next week, and I promise that I'll be hopefully done with talking about new players (at least without just linking). I apologize with the lack of quality this week, but I am hoping that I'll get a energy boost, or at least a new topic to beat like a dead horse.

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