Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: The Possessed

While I do have a undying love of Undead, it is the Possessed that I actually spend most of my time with. The Possessed have everything that I look for in a wargame faction. They have fun looking models, tons of chances for conversion, and they are eeeevil. The problem with the Possessed is one of too many riches. There's a ton of choices for them, and what you choose makes a huge difference. So like my previous article, I want to break it down and talk about some things you want to do with each unit type.

Magister- The magister is probably the most generally usable magic users in the game. They don't have half bad stats, and almost none of their spells are scrubs. Given the general power of the warband in general, they tend to be over looked, compared to other members of the warband they are weak, but compared to other warbands, they are decent to much better.

Mutants- Mutants are a pain in the ass. In the early game they are expensive, the cheapest you can get them is with a Daemon soul, which really isn't that helpful. The good thing about them is that once they die (and they are your expendable heroes), you can buy a new one with all sorts of combat goodies.

The Possessed- The namesake of the warband. They are almost as tough as Ogres, and if you buy the right mutations they become unstoppable beasts. In the early game, though, resist that urge. Take them without Mutations, you can also replace them later in the game when money becomes less of an issue.

Beastmen- Beastmen are your best warband members. They are quick, strong, and limited in number. They are excellent shock troops. I would suggest arming them with two hand weapons, or one two-handed weapon.

Darksouls- Darksouls are much like Flagellents. They are fearless, strong, and have crap WS. The best use of them is to either arm them with a flail or a two handed weapon and have them walk in as clean up.

Cultists- Ah the humble cultist. They are the exact same stat line as the standard dude from any other warband. The real use of the cultist is to shore (shoar?) up some of the inherent weaknesses of the warband. If you need more hitting power, cultists. If you need more ranged fighting, cultists. If you need some filler, cultists.

Some common tactics:
1. Cultist Spam- early in the game you want to leave out the really expensive warband members, and just get the numbers up with generic cultists (possibly armed with clubs). As they die, replace with more expensive things like Darksouls and Beastmen.
2. Herd is the Word- One of my favorite tactics is to have Beastmen run forward to engage the enemy, and then have them followed up by darksouls arriving a turn or so later.
3. Pimp my Mutant- Keep your mutants out of combat at all costs early in the game, that way you can earn as much gold as you can. What you want to then do is spend that cash on New Mutants (Hello, Cannonball!), or possessed with better combat mutations.
4. Sitting Ducks- Your Possessed are targets, big delicious targets. They are expensive, and effective. Everyone will be taking aim at them with their ranged weapons. This is exactly what you want. First speed skill you get, you want to take step aside. Then run the Possessed forward, LET him take all the shots. This will allow much of the rest of your warband to move up in a safer manner. The Possessed may be taken out of action (especially by those armed with crossbows), but the benefit outweighs the drawbacks.

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