Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: Terrain A Go Go!

Terrain A Go Go!

Let's face it people, there ain't nothing better then putting down a fully painted and converted force on a fully painted and converted game board. It's the tops. It makes an average game seem so much more impressive and memorable. Hell, I've done some crazy stuff when it comes to terrain. I once modelled a scale replicate of a strip club with stripper models for my D&D players to fight in. That was a memorable adventure!

Now, that I've gotten you thoroughly off the beaten track (HAHA PUNS!). I want to talk about Terrain, and a bit more specifically how much terrain you need. See, Mordheim is different. In most games, terrain exists as something that breaks line of sight.

In WHFB terrain is there just to break up the battlefield so that you don't just have two armies lining up and charging at each other (even though that is generally what happens anyway). In 40K, terrain provides cover to crouch around and get better saves from massive weapons. Mordheim is different. It combines both of those features, and more.

IN those games terrain is almost an afterthought. Mordheim it is part of the setting, part of the game, and a major part of your strategy. Mordheim boards need to be THICK with it. Lots of levels and areas breaking up line of sight, places to hide, and places to snipe from.

All the rules are built to take advantage of the terrain. There's the 'pick your target' rule for being high up, there's the 'falling' rule, and of course, there's the ever popular 'hide' rule. So really there's some things you need to take into consideration when deciding on what to use for Mordheim terrain.

1. A high place.
2. So low lying SOLID fences to hide behind.
3. Medium (2-4 inch) tall buildings.
4. Some walkways. I don't know why they are around in Mordheim, its just one of those 'Rule of Cool' things. It doesn't make sense for a near Renaissance city, but it does make for a kick ass battle field.

So I talked a bit about the types you need, and next time I want to spend some time talking about building the cheapest board possible.

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