Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim; Grocery Store Terrain

Well, at long last, I got to the Grocery Store! So I took the time to take some pics. The stuff that I think are excellent for both food and terrain. A good deal of it is more 40K rather then Mordheim, but this is mainly to teach you what to look for. I am hoping that next week I can do a post about the terrain I made with this stuff (or at least the part of it that we've already eaten). There are also some things that I didn't grab a pic of because the store I went to did not carry the stuff. If you guys are interested, I might also include a few simple recipes so that you get the most out your shopping trips.

Ah, the ever useful Pringles can. If you need to have this explained, then you are in a blog that is over your head.

Love this. These types of containers are awesome for a number of reasons, first thing is the tastiness inside, but the second one is that the cardboard is fairly tough, so it will last more then a couple of sessions.

Ah, the typical tin can. Love it, hate it, use it for terrain. Much like the Pringles can, but far more durable. A typical can tower can last for years before some dumbass knocks it down and then steps on it.

Well, I gotta say, these are one of my favorite items in the grocery store. While not good eating for anyone over the age of 2, they are REALLY useful. From all sorts of things regarding paint (mix container, water holder), to quick tank traps. I must insist with the Gerber brand here, others are still little glass jars.

This is not food, but useful. For less then five bucks, you get a ton of terf and a ready made 40K fortress/hill. Well worth the cost, even more so if you actually have a cat. Dump the litter into your regular box, and keep the container.

The egg crate, another no brainer here.

Seriously, I love the breadcrumbs. So useful in cooking, and such a great use for terrain. Bigger, thicker, and a tad nicer then a Pringles can. More to scale towers. Put this and a Pringles can together, and you got something going on.

Another great thing that every gamer should relish, the pot pie. One is a snack, two is a meal. Three boxes taped together and spray painted is a building. The pot pie containers are also great mini hills and craters.

Next week, a recipe for meatloaf, and a bit of terrain in progress.

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  1. Very useful, as a reminder of how the everyday landscape is full of potential. In many cases for me the potential terrain has more value than what's in the packaging. The recipe idea is superb and I say go for it.