Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: Terrain A Go Go 3

Wow, so I spent last week sick. It happens. I have some stuff planned, and it will happen, however, I wanted to take a slight break but keep in time with what I've been talking about, which is Terrain. I wanted to show you guys exactly what is possible with the least amount of work and or money. When I started playing Mordheim again, I had no terrain, I had nothing except for some hills that were lying around. Hills, while useful, do not denote the post-apocolypitic wasteland that is Mordheim. So I went to build some buildings.

First, I went to the Dollar Store with $10 in my pocket (5 BPS for you people who can do the fancy L on your keyboard). This is what I picked up;

So there's some stuff, right? There's some foamcore boards, a ring thing for flower aranging, needles, craft sticks, and two weird statue-y things. Perfect.

After cutting the ring thing in half, I glued it down to a piece of foamcore, and glued one of the statue things to it. Instant fountain. Easy-peasy, grand cost for 2 fountains that break line of sight and give somewhere to hide, $3.

The next things were harder, the actual buildings. The first thing I did was measure everything out and premark it on the foamcore.

Then I cut the hell out of it.

After that, I glued it altogether. To keep everything in place, I used the needles as nails while it was drying.

I did a LOT more gluing then I took pics of, seriously, it was a ton of gluing.

So that's the pile of buildings. Now, you've probably seen these in action in my battle reports. They seem unfinished, and indeed they are. Here's the thing, since we were playing at work, and just shoving this stuff into a box under a desk when we were done, I didn't want to put a lot of hard work into them. That's why we went cheap, if the boss came along and tossed it all, then all I would have been out of is $10 and two days worth of assembly. However, just so you don't feel cheated, here's how they looked assembled and on the work desk.

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