Friday, March 16, 2012

Hobby Works: Why So Quiet?

After last week of talking my ass off, this week I've been relatively quite. There's a reason for it. Been doing much prep work for Monday's post. Which will be a two-parter. Part one on Monday, and then the second part officially the next Monday. However, I might be inclined to put up something on Wednesday, if all goes well.

However, I will give you a bit of a heads up. I'm working on a project very near and dear to my heart. So it will be interesting. This is what I've been doing all week.

1. Writing out 6 starting warband rosters.
2. Gluing together a Reiklander warband. Paint will hopefully follow.
3. Improving the basic terrain that I have. As a side note, Texture spray paint is so not worth it. Too much money for so little use. I heard it before, but I didn't want to believe it. Live and learn.
4. General model repair.
5. Sending an email to ask permission to link to another person's blog post. Just a courtesy, really in this day and age, but I think a bit of politeness is helpful.

Is that a big enough hint? I'm pretty sure people will make a good guess, but I'm pretty sure that they will not be correct. Those of you who know me personally who I've already been gushing about this secret project don't give it away! That means YOU, Megan.

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