Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: Homebrew Magic

Well, still working on stuff for the High Elf Warband. It seems to be going slowly, and by god, it is. That's because I spend a lot more time thinking about it (for the most part) then writing stuff down. At least not on a format that I can easily upload. Just my chicken scratch on scrape paper. Which is great for me, bad for you.   Though, I have to admit that I am bolstered in this project by my constant readers, especially those of you who have deemed me worthy of comments, like Von and Mark Beardmore. I might not always respond (cause I'm a bit of a dumbass like that), but I do see them and fold them into my thinking.

What  I spent time on this week was working on the spell list. Most of that involved trying to adapt the High Magic list to the lower expectations of Mordheim. This is what I've come up with.

High Magic List.
1. Shield of Saphery- Difficulty 7, give target friendly model within 10" a 5+ armor save until your next recovery phase.
2. Curse of Arrow Attraction- Difficulty 9, target enemy model within 24" gets all unsuccessful ranged attacks re-rolled until your next recovery phase. NB: This only effects non-magical ranged attacks, not magical ones.
3. Courage of Aenarion- Difficulty 8, target friendly model within 6" is immune to psychology until your next recovery phase.
4. Flames of the Phoenix- Difficulty 7, target enemy model within 12" takes an automatic strength 2 hit. If in the next round, the spell difficulty goes up to 8, and if the spell is successfully cast in the next round, the target enemy model takes an automatic strength 3 hit. This continues to rise in both difficulty and strength damage until either the spell is unsuccessful or the enemy model is taken out of action.
5. Fury of Khaine- as per the Silver Arrows of Arrah.
6. Winds of Magic- Difficulty 8, target enemy spell caster within 24" is unable to cast spells on their next turn.

So this is what I have so far, but I'm pretty satisfied. I particularly think that the Flames of the Phoenix and Winds of Magic are very evocative of a High Elf magic heavy army.

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  1. They look good, perhaps changing the name of Winds of magic to either Drain Magic or Deadlock would be more evocative of the High Elves. Drain Magic is a High Magic spell that has been around since 5e Fantasy that is used to stifle enemy magic and Deadlock is a 4e High Magic spell that had a similar use.