Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Night Mordheim: An Understandable Delay

Well, I've spent the last week and a half playing around with DDN. Seriously, when you are homebrewing, there's nothing like sitting back and testing someone else's game. It gives you an excellent ideas of what you are trying to do.

So back to work.

So last time, Mark Beardmore (SHOUT OUT!) pointed out that the other GW elf bands had a base cost of around 35 gold crowns. This is probably why I think that they are overpowered. They are much better then the standard warrior, but only costing 10 GC more. I think that's really where I am running into the sticky point.

Right now, the costs I am looking at seriously considering are as follows;

Loremaster of Hoeth: 90 GC
Apprentice of Hoeth: 40 GC
Journeymen of Hoeth: 50 GC

Elven Spearmen: 40 GC
Elven Archers: 40 GC
Great Eagle: 210 GC

Now, this is more along what I was thinking of. Granted, I've spent only a little time on this, BUT next week, I should have a big update, since my other stuff has basically resolved itself, and I should be able to put in some mad time on Sunday, and then possibly make it into a .pdf for people to download.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, I agree that the Elf warbands can become a little overpowered as they are currently written, but from what I've seen on the table their power comes more from their equipment selections and special skills that allow their power to ramp up very quickly. Dark Elf Blades and Sea Dragon Cloaks are awesome pieces of equipment for Dark Elves, while Shadow Warrior Hero's with Sniper are extremely difficult to deal with.