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Monday Night Mordheim: Loremasters of Hoeth Skills

Monday Night Mordheim: Loremasters of Hoeth Skills.


So this is going to be my final installment for the Loremasters of Hoeth. I've been banging on this project for a long, looong, time. I think that It's gotten to the point where the only thing that I really need is to do some fluff and toss it into a .pdf. I've been experimenting with creating .pdf's using Open Office's draw program (for another project naturally). I just need to figure out a place to put those .pdf's for y'all to download from.

Now, back on topic. So the last thing I need to bang on about is Skills. Now, I already had the idea that the Loremasters' warband would require a unique set of skills. Skills are what separates warbands from each other. There are really two different types of skills that are required. First off is the universal skills, those which apply to all members of the warband. The other ones are skills that heroes get.

So first off, referring to the HE book, there are two universal skills that should be applied, however, I did have to subtly modify them to make them work with Mordheim.

Universal Skills:
Speed of Asurman- A member of a Loremasters warband will always go first in the event of an iniative tie. I kinda toned this down from the 'elves always go first' in the HE army book. Given the high iniative value in the LMoH warband, it seems rather redundant. However, I there are still times when there MAY be opponents who are just as quick.
Valour of Ages- Members of LMoH warband re-roll all failed psychology rolls against Dark Elves. This one will come up so rarely that I've left it basically intact. I would like to monkey around with it a bit more, but other then applying it more to other warbands, I don't see the point.

Hero Skills:
First off, I'm going to wholesale steal those from the Elf Ranger list and some other lists, which I find appropriate. Then I'm going to add a bit of fun.
From Ranger/Stolen:
Excellent Sight
My New Skills:
Animal Empathy- Opponent with the 'animal' descriptor (such as wardogs or giant rats) will not attack this model, if the model passes a Leadership test. 
Apprentice Assistant- This model will give a friendly spell caster a re-roll on a failed magic roll, if within 6". This is to represent the apprentice helping with the spell casting. (As a side note, this might be a bit powerful given this warband's focus on magic. I would like a bit of feedback on this one).
Rare Lore- Roll on a different warband's magic list. You can cast the spell rolled at a +1 difficulty.

Well, that's all I got for now. Let me know if there's a glaring omission. Next week, the complete .pdf!

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