Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nerd Rage, Starter Boxes, and Mordheim

Like most of us who play any of Games Workshop's games, I was angered by the latest round of price increases and the way that GW is treating their different retailers. I mean I was really ticked off. Super mad.

Some people weren't that upset, since there has basically been an annual price increase for several years now. Others took it in stride with the finecast models. And still others didn't see the big deal.

I've talked about this other places, and vented my rage all over the internet. So I'm not going to do so further here.

The issue though is that it spurned me to make a final decision. I'm pretty much done with GW. I had been on the edge since the latest Imperial Guard codex nerfed my points from 2000 to a mere 1500 (including the new stuff I had bought!). The latest price increase priced me out of the market for the big games of 40K and WHFB.

In the past I would typically buy about $200 worth of stuff in one go, once a year, across a couple games. Can't really afford that now. It isn't enough bang for my buck. However, you might have noticed I said "pretty much done", not done completely.

The reason for that is because I am a starter box nut. I love starter boxes! It doesn't matter what kind or game they are, I'll buy them. I love starter boxes! WOOOO! Even crappy ones like the Isle of Blood. That's one of the big things that will keep me buying GW models, god I love those starters! The GW ones are really great though, and they keep getting better. I swear half of the Isle of Blood models are better sculpts then the regular models.

Enough, I could spew about starter boxes all day. Not really the point though, is it? Getting back on track, the thing is that I bought the Isle of Blood, and unsurprisingly, I went from having 4 Mordheim warbands, to having five. There was enough stuff in that box to cover almost everything for a Skaven Warband (no giant rats, though). That's when I made a decision.

I already have a Possessed Warband, a Dwarf Warband, an Orc Warband, Undead Warband, and now a Skaven Warband. Which is almost all of the official warbands out there. So I decided that I would buy all of Mordheim. I want everything for it. This is not an unattainable goal. Soon I'll really start in on it.

In the meantime, this is my list of things I have and/or need. From what is currently official. After I finish painting the Skaven, I might start to look at the other things (although, I do have all of those lovely High Elves to paint as well). Some I might hold off on, since there is always a chance that

Random Happenings:
Bloodletter: 1
Skeletons: 12
Spawn: 1
Giant Spider: Research!
Dogs: 6

Orc Shaman: Need
Orc Boys: 19 (have some, need to research)
Goblins: Have
Squigs: 5
Troll: Have

Noble: Have
Engineer: Have
Trollslayers: Have
Dwarfs: Have

Mercanaries: 15

Mercanaries: 15

Mercanaries: 15

Possesssed: Have (complete)

Vampire: Have
Necromancer: Have
Dregs: 1 of 3
Ghouls: 4 of 14
Zombies: 10 of 14
Dire Wolves: 5

Sisters of Sigmar
Matriarch: 1
Sister Superior: 3
Augur: 1
Novices: 10
Sisters: 14

Witch Hunters:
Captain: 1
Witch Hunters: 3
Warrior Priest: 1
Flagellents: 5
Zealots: 11
Warhounds: 5

Assassin Adept: 1
Eshin Sorceror: 1
Black Skaven: Have
Night Runners: Have
Verminkin: Have
Giant Rats: 19
Rat Ogre: Have

Hired Swords:
Ogre Bodygaurd; have, needs assembly
Pitfighter: Have
Warlock: Needs Assembly
Halfling Scout: 1
Elven Dude: Have, needs painting
Troll Slayer: 1
Free Lancer
Imperial Assasin
Tilean Marksmen


  1. Nerd rage...

    This is nerd rage --->

    I'll be in the corner slapping paint on plastic...


  2. Im wants to see Mordheim buildings!

    Nice to see you joined the 21st century Laz, nice indeed.