Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's the Story Morning Glory?

Well, now the blog is well and truly off.

However, it seems like I might want to do a mission statement to kind of declare my intentions here. Right now, the followers are just my old friends from Astronomican and elsewhere. However, I hope that it doesn't stay that way. I hope to become the premier Mordheim blog on the internet. Which probably isn't going to happen, since I do not have mad art skills.

Oh, I can paint, and I'm a halfway decent converter, but I have no illusions about where I am in the hobby line, strongly in the middle. Nor do I have any delusions about the acumen of my tactical ability. However, I like to share.

And that is what this blog is about, sharing the information that I've gained over the years and passing it on to whoever is listening. So what is it that I am going to share? I suppose that's the real reason for this post.

Tactical Advise: Some of the things that might be well known, some of which might be unknown, and some might be a different idea then what other people have.

Battle Reports: Right now, I'm in a Mordheim campaign of varying activity, and I will post pics and post battle results. The individual battles themselves may be shaky, because I like most of us am concentrating on giving my opponents (or those I am refereeing) the best possible game.

Hobby Stuff: I like modelling, and painting. I'll post what I am working on, and possibly some tutorials on how I've done some stuff, or general good hobby advice.

Guest Stuff: I might, and I stress might put some stuff on here that other people have done and critique it or just post it for you all to oh and ah over. This might also be a part where I answer questions that other people post. Speaking of questions, Tallarn, I have some buildings that are partially done. I might get some more work on them done this weekend. If I come close to finishing one or more, I might post them up. No promises. I'm not going to embarrass myself for content (not that it has ever stopped me before).

I guess my mission statement can be summed up like thus: Cobblestone Chaos is a blog dedicated to providing the best tactics, battle reports, and hobby stuff that I possibly can to help those getting into Mordheim in any way that I can.


  1. Keep the mission simple...

    Find the enemy, kill them all.

  2. A bit too simple, there CK. Although you could add some addendums.

  3. Im interested in terrain and your in depth analysis of which Sisters of Sigmar mini's are the hottest.

  4. addendum...

    I was trying to be funny and failed, sorry about that. :(

    I would like to see you do a warband of orcs... female goblins and orcs. I'm curious how you will do female squigs too! :P


  5. Well, those are both interesting questions, but I'll quick answer them:

    Hottest Sisters of Sigmar Model: The Matron, nothing sexier then power, right? Power is an aphrodisiac!

    Female O&G: Send me the models, and I'll see what I can do. My orc player is a girl, so she'd be overjoyed with that. Especially if I let her paint them.