Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Night Mordheim; Labor Day Delay

Did you have a nice day off, those of you who had the day off? Those of you who didn't, too bad, so sad. Well, there's probably something else coming up eventually. I had nice little map campaign modifications for Mordheim thing all written up, and it is currently sitting on the hard drive of my work computer. Which naturally means that I do not have it. So that will happen next week, in the meantime, I have a bit of mind work here.

My friend Megan has been playing in my Mordheim campaign for awhile now. She's been playing my Orcs and Goblins warband, and is thinking about a Warband for herself. So while I've talked about the different warbands and their associated costs. However, I haven't really talked about the pros and cons of the different warbands. At least at the starting point.

Mercenaries: The catchall for 'human' warbands. A very cheap warbands. They are basic, fairly easy to paint, and cheap to purchase.
Reiklanders: These guys are awesome for new players, with their improved Ballistic Skill for marksmen, and extended leadership range. However, they really only really excel at ranged combat.
Middenheimers: Gotta love semi-vikings. Great for people who love to run up and smack things with a hammer. Their heroes get a strength point bonus. The down side of these guys is that the bonus point of strength isn't that great, and as the campaign goes on it becomes less and less important as others gain that same strength bonus through experience.
Marienburgers: To be honest, I love me the merchants of Marienburg. Their main focus of an extra 100 GC at start means nothing later in the game. That bonus though goes a long way to winning those first few games and putting yourself in the catbird seat. Plus they have a lovely blue/yellow scheme, which I happen to find fetching.

Cult of the Possessed: These are a great warband...for someone who has been in the hobby for awhile. The conversion opportunities are limitless. They excel in close combat, but while they have some missile fire, its not enough or good enough to go toe to toe with other ranged fighters. Their major downfall though, is that they do not have cheap or easy to replace heroes. The cheapest you can get a replacement hero for is 45 GC before buying weapons, and have stats roughly the same as standard henchman, unlike other 45GC heroes who get some extra bonuses.

Witch Hunters: Witch hunters are a very characterful warband. They lack numbers that other warbands have, but they make up for it with really good cheap expendable henchmen, however those cheap expendable henchman the warhound are almost impossible to get modelwise. There are lots of things that can be used as a counts-as, but actual warhound models are hard to come by. The main benefit of witch hunters is that they play a bit like Mercanaries, but they get the added benefit of the Warrior Priest, who can change things radically. Many of their members also have special rules to help getting those unholies dead. They are a bit all over the place, and you can equip them however you want, their playstyle is not as limited as others.

Sisters of Sigmar: Battle Nuns! Huzzah! Unique and well thought out, but a bit hard to come by. The Sisters are a close combat warband with limited (slings) ranged weaponry. They excel at close combat though, especially with thier unique weapons (Hammer of Sigmar anyone?). However, their greatest assest is the Augur, who not only re-rolls basically everything, you get to roll TWO dice for her in the exploration phase, which as you know gets you the money which wins you games.

Undead; The best and the worst in the game, and almost everything causes fear! Don't even bother with ranged weapons. They are excellent at close combat. The vampire is arguably the best model in the whole game. Ghouls, are also arguably the best henchmen in the game, they start with a higher strength and toughness then most things, and an added attack, and then they can get better!

Skaven: Skaven can be anything you want them to be. Hordes, ranged fighters, close combat monsters. Whatever you want. Their main downfall though is their low leadership, Skaven have to work fast, because if they take too many casualities, they can rout out quick. That being said, the newer models are amazing.

Well, that's all for now, I could go on with more warbands, but I think I've said enough for now. I would love to see what you guys have to suggest!

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