Saturday, September 10, 2011

Off the Beaten Cobblestones: All For Naught and Random Things

All For Naught;

So, well, here's where I expected to post Campaign Update; R3S4. Unfortunitly, it didn't happen. Since it was going to be a four player Chaos on the Streets match, and we had only two players (myself and Megan) show up, it wouldn't have been a good match. Well, I take that back, any match between Megan and myself is always good.

So all that planning and plotting is all for naught. Nothing happened. Gotta wait a week before even attempting it again. So the plans are in motion, and now are just on pause.

Random Things;

Now, either Megan has not read the last blog post, or she is an amazing actress. Either way, my plans that I did NOT make public continue. A feint within a feint, so to speak.

I do find it interesting how far Megan has come since she started gaming with us. When she starting playing with us the closest thing that she had done to gaming was video games, mainly Guitar Hero. Since she's joined our group, she's played D&D, Alternity, and now Mordheim. She has steadfastly refused to play our DC Universe based version of Marvel Super Heroes Saga Edition (great game, but I like DC better), that's too geeky for her.

While this also would apply to Tom, the closest he came to gaming was a emulated version of Dragon Warrior I for the NES on his PSP.

The difference between the two is night and day. Even though I leave the books at work, and sent everyone the PDFs, Megan has been the only one to actually read them (or at least the parts pertaining to her stuff). One of these days I'm going to have to post some pics of our workspace. That is what makes her the better player. She actually thinks about her Warband (or Character's) strengths and weaknesses. Tom just kinda throws whatever he has at the problem, which is fine when when it is Skaven and you are using Dwarf Crossbows, another thing entirely when you are talking about Lightning Bolts and Frankenstein.

Well, enough praise and bashing on my fellow game players. Not that its not fun anymore, I think that I'll talk about what happened the other day.

Middle Son walked up to me out of the blue and said; 'Dad, I think I want to play 40K, can I get an army?'

I looked at his trusting eyes and said 'Hell no. I can't afford 40K, what makes you think that you can?'

I think I hurt his feelings. Not much, but a little. I took pity on the child. I told him about all the other wonderful games that I've played. While he expressed no interest in Mordheim, he did express interest in the next best thing, Necromunda.

So I made a deal with him and Eldest Child. If they sat down and read the rules, and improved their painting skills, I would buy the Imperial Gaurd units you can use to make a Necromunda gang. While its been awhile since I played Necromunda, it is the game that got me into the GW stuff. I think that I actually have enough random SM bits lying around that I might be able to cobble together a Spryer gang. That might be fun.

So I'm looking at this to help teach them painting skills, and hopefully eventually real conversion skills beyond the random Kitbashing that Eldest Child has been doing. At eleven and twelve, they are at the right age to start a crippling hobby addiction. Muhaha.

Also been kinda thinking that if Megan buys her own Possessed warband, I might give her the ones that I just got. Already cleared it with CK, and he's happy as long as the models get used. However, that leaves it up to her. Just because she's looking at a close combat killy warband, doesn't necessarily mean she'll choose Possessed...

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