Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Campaign Update; R3S3

Well, another week come and gone, and well here we are. Yet again, with a full match and then a half match. It was a good day for Mordheim, and a bad day. Good day for me, I pulled forward a bit more in the standings, and Megan is debating getting a warband of her own (since she has been using my Orcs). On the bad side, we were able to get a bit more play time because of the Labor Day weekend, but Tom jetted the second I turned my back. The match had like two rounds if that left. Megan had to get two people into Tom's deployment zone for breakthrough, and he only had to take out one more of her models to force a rout check. So we are just going to give him the loss this time. We're kinda sick of it, especially since he tends to wander off during the game, or put us on an unnecessarily delay at other times. I'm not saying that we ignore our work when it comes up, but part of being able to play is being ready to get going at the drop of the hat when someone gets available. When we have to re-explain what is currently going on in the battle every partial turn it drags things down. A bit of attention would do nicely. While, I have given Tom the address to my blog, I doubt that he's red it. Jim is a follower, and Megan has posted. So I know that they are paying attention. If he reads this post, excellent, if not, well, such is life. Getting on with it though...

The Quick Score Sheet:

Jim (249 WBR) vs. LAZ (245 WBR)
Wyrdstone Hunt: LAZ Win

1. Who Killed Who & Other Experiences:
BS1: Wyrdstone
BS 2: Wyrdstone
Vampire OoA Mohawk
Pierced Tail: Wyrdstone
Verminkin OoA direwolf
Verminkin OoA direwolf
Scritch McWarp OoA Ogre

2. Injury Results

Direwolf: FR
Direwolf: FR
Ogre: FR

Mohawk: Full Recovery

3. XP gained:

Vampire: 2 (50)
Necromancer: 1 (19)
Painted: 1 (13)
Balled: 1 (13)
Balless: 1 (13)
Super Ghoul: 1 (13)
Ghoul Group: 1 (11)
Warlock: 1 (1)
Ogre: 1 (1)

Scritch McWarp: 3 (27)
BS 1: 2 (26)
BS 2: 2 (27)
Mohawk: 1 (11- 6=+1Str)
Pierced Tail: 2 (2; 3= Skill)
Bell Ringer: 1 (15)
Verminkin A: 1 (13)
Verminkin B: 1 (8)
Verminkin C: 1 (4)

4. Exploration results

Jim: 5 for surving Heroes- Vampire to look for rare
13456-4 shards

LAZ: 5 for surviving Heroes, 1 for winning-
445556: 5 shards, Markethall 11 GC

5. Recruiting

Jim: 6 xp for recruiting.
Exchange 3 shards for 55

LAZ: 11 XP for recruiting
Exchange 7 shards for 90
1 verminkin with sword, sling, 4 xp: 40
2 crossbows: 50
1 sword: 10

6. New standings.

Jim: 263
LAZ: 276

To be honest, this particular match went poorly for Jim. He's played a bunch of games at different times. When I pelted him with sling rocks, he panicked. Instead of realizing that his 3 attack ghouls would rip my verminkin apart, he thought that they would get a round of firing when he charged them. I can't remember what game that is from, but I recognize the mechanic, I've used it before. I had planned that I would grab the wyrdstone pieces lying around and then retreat to bear up my loses. However, I ended up chasing him down, which really weird. Especially since I kept advancing a single giant rat forward (but not into combat!) to prevent his guys from running. It was also a bit ridiculous terrain, Tom was being lazy, and only set up a fountain and four buildings.

Jim's set up, he had hired a Ogre, which we are using a TK Ushabti stand in.

My set up, and Jim's snacks.

Mohawk the frenzied nightrunner, hiding. I knew that without more terrain, he was a dead duck. However, he is expendable.

My Black Skaven set to grab the wyrdstone before the battle is joined.


Like I said, expendable.

Very expendable.

More advancement.

Jim advances.

I set up to defend the Nightrunner hero (the painted one) who grabbed the wyrdstone in the building. I figured that a Giant Rat (termagaunt) and a verminkin would give a good speed bump to the Vampire. Then I pummeled him with slings. Hence the two wounds.

Jim runs away.

Slings forward!

And the giant rat (termagaunt)slows people down.

Tom (WBR 180) vs Megan (WBR 209):

The Quick Score Sheet:
1. Who Killed Who:

Xbow Thunderer OoA Helmet
Goblin animosity OoA goblin
White Beard OoA orc boy
Troll OoA beardling

After the debacle with the terrain in the last two games, I wanted to give each person a good chance. There were long lanes of fire for the dwarves, and plenty of places to hide for the Orcs.

Megan sets up to take advantage of the streets before getting in range of the dwarf missile line.

Tom set up with my help to get some lanes of fire.

A neater pic of Tom's front line.

Orcs advance!

Orcs hide, which is what the pennies are. Hiding tokens. Cheap and plentiful!

This pic turned out well.

Orcs take cover.

Fully forward.

The troll hits the dwarf lines!

And where we ended.

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