Sunday, August 28, 2011

Footnotes on Cobblestones; So Tired

Yes, I did do some campaigning yesterday. Yes, I have the results. No, I'm not going to post them until later this week, too bad, so sad. I am dead tired. Too tired to do any editing. Maybe I'll get some painting done. Doubt it.

However, I do want to do something a bit off the normal topic. I wanna talk about dice. I like dice. Looking at our game group, I realized something. Each person was playing with two dice, since unlike 40K, that's all you really need. Two dice of different colors, and only really need a different color for the d66 roll for injury results.

Now, I think it is interesting how it broke down though, and I can tell you why my fellow campaigners have the dice they have.

ME: 2 Pearl Pipped d6, 1 Grey Pipped d6, and both of them have the 6 replaced by some sort of cat head. I got them as part of a pound of dice I bought awhile back, and they are pretty unique.
Megan: 1 Purple Pearly Numeral d6, 1 Red Numeral d6. She got the purple one with the D&D dice she bought when we first starting playing D&D, and the red one was part of a Christmas gift of D&D from me.
Jim: 1 White Pipped d6, 1 Red Pipped d6. Jim has been playing RPGs forever, and probably got those dice from some board game he raided in 9th grade.
Tom: 1 White Numeral d6, 1 Red Numeral d6. The white die comes from a set I picked up for Tom when we starting playing D&D, and the red was (again) from a christmas gift from me.

I find it interesting. So while Jim and I eschew the Christmas gift dice, both Tom and Megan use them a lot, which makes since because those are they dice they own (although Megan has a die cube of the same purple pearl that she bought by accident). What I find the most interesting though is that both Jim and I use pipped dice instead of numeral. I guess I use them from shear bloodymindedness. I'm much better at visualizing the maths for adding up dice with pips because of years of wizard Fireballs and Star Wars d6.

So how about you guys? Pips or Numerals?


  1. You really only use two? I use four dice (at least) and all are of different colors. My reasoning is that if someone has a 2 A score, and gets an off-hand, that's three separate rolls that must be rolled for simultaneously. Same with wounds (only one critical may be chosen). Don't you have problems if the first attack roll is a 4, and the player decides to parry, and the next attack roll is a 6 (meaning that no attacks could be parried that round)?