Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Night Mordheim; The Little Things

Monday Night Mordheim; The Little Things

Well, I just keep plugging away at Map Campaigns. There's a good deal to them. So that will STILL be a while.

Right now, though I want to talk about two things that talk about that make a big difference in Mordheim, but not a whit in any other game. Elevation and Hiding.

Elevation in other games means getting more shots, or a pick of shots, but at the end of the day it doesn't make a whit of difference. In Mordheim though, its different. It's all that and more. The first thing that it does is allow you to pick your ranged shots, not just the closest guy. That's pretty much standard across most of the systems I've played. However, there is another major advantage. The high ground is actually important in Mordheim. The thing is that in MOST circumstances you have to climb up to get to someone who is elevated. This is a critical difference, because you cannot charge into combat as part of a climb! That means your model is elevated, he will get the charge after someone climbs up to get him. The first person to go can often make a huge difference on survival. So two reasons; 1. Pick your shots, and 2. Avoid charges.

Ah, hiding is one of my favorite things about Mordheim. No other game really has a built in function like it. I forgot about it for years, actually. However, that said, hiding is not easy. To start hiding you have to be where you cannot be seen. Then you can remain hiding, as long as you are in cover...even if you move. There is a great reason to use it though, you can't get shot, and many times you can't be charged. Most models cannot see a hidden model until they are within initiative rank in inches away from the model. In most cases that's three inches. There are skills and equipment that changes that, but for the most part, it is well within your charge range. So again two reasons; 1. You can't get shot, and 2. You enhance the chance to get the charge.

If you notice, both of these have the same second benefit. You enhance the chance that you get the charge. That small tidbit cannot be overstated, it can make all the difference in the world. The chance to go first is a huge advantage. If you strike first you might not have to endure a return of strikes.

So tonight's tidbit was just that, a tidbit, but a smaller look into the depth of Mordheim, something that I hope to get more into later....if I ever get that massive map campaign thing off the ground.

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