Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday Campaign Update; R3S2- The Constantly Misnamed Session!

I misnamed this campaign update, a few times. In my photo folder, in my photobucket, and almost misnamed it here before I realized what I was doing. Silly me! After last week's surprise of almost nothing getting done, we ended up with almost three matches done. And since I brought my camera, we'll be able to finish next week as well! So on with the show!

Megan (WBR 206) Vs. LAZ (WBR 204)
Skirmish- LAZ Win

1. Who Killed Who:

Orc Shaman spell Zzap OoA pierced Tail
Mohawk OoA orc Boy
Goblin OoA Mohawk
Goblin OoA verminkin with club
Bell Ringer OoA goblin
Verminkin OoA Troll
Orc Shaman spell Zzap OoA Bell Ringer
Verminkin with Spear OoA Big 'Un 2
Club Verminkin OOABig Un 1

2. Injury Results

Orc Boy-dead
Goblin- FR
Big 'Un 1-35 Deep Wound miss 2 games
Big Un 2- 31- Blinded in One Eye, -1BS

Pierced Tail- 22 Leg Wound -1 Movement
Mohawk- 41 Full Recovery
Bell Ringer- 31- Blinded in One Eye

3. XP gained:

Shaman: 3 (19- 3- skill)
Big Un 1: 1 (25
Big Un 2: 1 (26)
Orc Boy: 1 (7)

Sorceror: 2 (22)
Black Skaven 1: 1 (22)
BLack Skaven 2: 1 (24-10 skill weapons expert)
Mohawk: 2 (8- skill- Tail fighting)
Pierced Tail: 1 (6- 2 skills weapons expert)
Bell Ringer: 2 (12- 4 skill infiltrate)
Verminkin with Clubs 1 (11)
Verminkin with Spears 1 (6)
Verminkin with Swords 1 (2- +1 initative)

4. Exploration results

56=11 2 shards

234= 9 2 shards

5. Recruiting
Megan 9 XP pool
exchanges 2 shards for 40
orc henchman with axe

8 XP pool
exchanges 2 shards for 40
35 for 1 set of skaven fighting claws

6. New standings.

Megan: 214
LAZ: 222

Now some pics;

Megan's set up.

And after I placed my infiltrators.

One of my flanks.

After a few rounds, the troll's stupidity is getting the best of it. With the Orc Chieftain out of the fight, and no one else having the leadership skill, it wandered pretty aimlessly. I was able to get quite a few wounds on it with slings.

Another flank after slaughtering Megan's flank.

Megan moving some gobbos in to get a bit of vengeance.

I set up a missile and charge shield.

Not sure why I took this picture.

Game 2: Tom (WBR 152) vs LAZ (WBR 222)- Megan's revenge. As per tradition, we always let some one who is not playing set up the terrain. Megan took a bit of vengeance for my win in the last game. Very few places to hide, with long ranges of fire for Tom's crossbow thunderers.
Wyrdstone Hunt.
Tom Win
LAZ 3 wyrdstone
Tom 1 wyrdstone

The Quick Score Sheet:
1. Who Killed Who:

BS 1 wyrdstone
Pierced Tail falls OoA
Sorceror 1 wyrdstone
White Beard 1 wyrdstone
x Thunderer OoA Mohawk
x Thunderer 1 wyrdstone
Orange Hair OoA BS 2

2. Injury Results

White Beard: 45- full recovery

Pierced Tail: 24 Madness 5 Frenzy
Mohawk: 63 Hardened Immune to Fear
BS 2- 45 Full Recovery

3. XP gained:

Engineer: 3 (30- skill- trick shooter)
Orange Hair: 3 (25- skill Strike To Injure)
White Hair 2 (28- skill Strike To Injure)
Beardling: 2 (14- final roll 8- +1 Attack)
Hand Gun Thunderer: 2 (13)
X Bow Thunderer: 2 (11)

Sorceror: 2 (24- 6=+1 str)
BS 1: 2 (24- 7= +1 BS)
BS 2: 1 (25)
Mohawk: 2 (10)
Pierced Tail: 1 (7)
Bell Ringer: 2 (14 skill)
Kin w Clubs: 1 (12)
Kin with Spears: 1 (7)
Kin with Swords: 1 (3)

4. Exploration results

Tom: 2 for surviving heroes, 1 for winning)
356=4 shards

LAZ: 3 for surviving heroes,
445= 13, 3 shards straggler, sold to slavers for 5 GC

5. Recruiting

XP pool: 9
exchanged 5 pieces for 90
thunder with xbow and 4 XP; 73
Beardling with axe: 30

XP Pool 9
Exchanged 5 pieces of wyrdstone for 70
Fired Pierced Tail.
Hired New Night Runner sling= 22
Verminkin with Spear, Sling, and 7 XP= 41
4slings =8

6. New standings.

Tom: For some reason Tom can't bother to give me his new standing. Another reason I hate playing against dwarves.
LAZ: 246

My frenzied Nightrunner is the only member of my warband to get any licks in.

Hiding behind the only thing I can. To rush out would have killed more then I could reasonably afford at that time.

Game 3
Megan (214) vs. Jim (179)
Street Fight- this is one of my favorite scenarios, and it so rarely comes up. We didn't finish this game, but I have enough pics that we should be able to set it up again quickly.

The Quick Score Sheet:
1. Who Killed Who:
Orc Boy kills goblin in animosity
Dire Wolf kills goblin
Goblin takes out zombie
Goblin takes out dire wolf
Big Un #1 takes out dire wolf
Vampire out goblin
Ghoul OoA orc boy

Long Roads.

From the Orcs Point of View.

From the Undead Point of View.

The Orcs line up.

The Undead line up.

Turn one movement.

Megan tried to get artsy with a bit of ink showing the animosity that happened. Ten years of painting at my desk, and I never got a stain on my desk. One drop of red ink, and my desk is permanently marred.

Undead moving forward.

Another fun shot.

More movement.

And finally the Orcs move back into line.

Finally combat is joined.

Here's where we had to end, but with this shot, we should be able to set up and get things done easily.

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