Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Campaign Update: R2S4

Well, another week has passed, and this time I did some photos. However, this was a big messy Chaos on the Streets session. It was chaotic...and hard to follow. Now, I probably mention this way too often, and when I don't, its probably pretty obvious from the pics, but we play at work. We clear off an area (and we switched areas we clear off, so there's more space now), and set up some cheap terrain that I keep under an unused desk. Now, some people want me to put some more effort into the terrain. However, given that if it is found, it may be destroyed, I don't want to sink too much money into it. Well, time really, since I spent a grand total of $10 into all of it. For the price, I think it looks pretty acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. Wow, really rambling there, and missing my point. Since we play at work, sometimes things come actually working. So my notes aren't exactly the best. I think that sometimes that I get more out of typing this up then anyone else possibly could. I like to look over things and re-run things. See what went right and what went wrong.


Chaos on the Streets:

LAZ (Skaven WBR 174)
Megan (Orcs and Goblins WBR 203)
Tom (Dwarfs WBR 139)
Jim (Undead WBR X)
Street Brawl

End Results:
Megan voluntarily routs
Tom fails Rout Check
Jim voluntarily routs

The Quick Score Sheet:

1. Who Killed Who:

Goblin Archer OoA Orange Hair Trollslayer with a Critical
Dire Wolf OoA orc boy
Hero Ghoul OoA orc boy
Orc Boy OoA ghoul
Troll OoA zombie
Dreg with Ball curbstomp orc boy
Vampire OoA Big 'Un II
Goblin Archer OoA beardling
Dire Wolf OoA Big Un I
Necromancer Stuns Orc Chieftain, Vampire Curbstomps

2. Injury Results

Chieftain: 21 Multiple Injuries, 5 rolls, 25 Smashed Leg (miss next game), 64 Horrible Scars, 25 Smashed Leg (miss next game), 14 dead (ignore), 43 (full recovery-ignore)
Big Un 1: 52 full recovery
Big Un 2: 65 sold to the pits!: Loses, 26 chest wound -1T
Hench Men (3 Boys): 1 dead

Orange Hair:45 Full recory
Beardling: 3 recovery
Zombie: fine
Ghoul: dead

LAZ: No injuries!

3. XP gained:

Chieftain: 1 (37)
Shaman: 1 (16)
Big Un 1: 1 (24- +1 Str)
Big Un 2: 1 (25)
Boys Group 1: 1 (6)
Boys Group 2: 1 (1)
Vampire 3 (44)
Necromancer 1 (16)
Dreg (painted) 1 (9)
Dreg Ballless 1 (10)
Dreg Balled 2 (10)
Hero Ghoul: 2 (9- +1 iniative)
Ghoul Group 1 (8)

Engineer: 1 (25)
White Hair: 1 (25)
Orange Hair: 1 (21)
Hero Thunderer: 1 (11; +1 attack)
Beardling: 1 (11)
Thunderer 1 (10)
Thunderer: 1 (2- +1 BS)

Sorceror: 2 (20) +1 BS
BS I: 1 (21)
BS II: 1 (23)
Pierced Tail: 1 (5)
Bell Ringer: 1 (10)
Group A: 1 (10)
Group B: 1 (5): 11 TLGT reroll! +1 BS
Goup C: 1 (1)

4. Exploration results

Megan: 1 die from heroes not out of action
4: 1 Shard

Jim: 5 from heroes
1,2,3,4,5: 3 shards

Tom: 3 dice from heroes not out of action
6,5,2: 4 shards

LAZ: +1 Die for winning, 5 heroes not out of action.
134566: (5 shards) Ruined Hovels (6 GC)

5. Recruiting

Megan: 2 XP
Exchanges 1 shard for 25
Pays 15 upkeep on troll, and 15 for new twohanded weapon for Big Un.

Jim: 10 XP
Banks 1 Shard, gets 55 gold
Replace Lost Ghoul: 54

Tom: 8XP
Banks 1 Shard, gets 65 for others
1 Dwarf THunderer with Xbow and 2 XP: 69 cost

Exchanges 5 shards for 80 GC
32 GC for Verminkin with Sword and 1 XP x3

6. New standings.

Megan WBR: 206
Jim WBR: 182
Tom WBR: 154
LAZ WBR: 204

So onto the pics. I'm STILL trying to figure out how to get these things to display correctly.


Jim's initial setup:

Megan's initial Setup;

My initial Setup:

Tom's initial Setup;

Jim's Zombie Horde surges forward on turn 1. The rest of us pretty much chilled.

And the Waagh strives forward.

And I wish I had thought of this years ago. On the roof...with a piece of tape.

More jump over to the same roof, but don't bother with the tape, simple balancing works as well. Granted, I would never be able to do this with metal models.

Finally, the action starts, due to my subtle manipulation it is entirely possible that the dwarfs and the Skaven may have been allied and that we played the Orcs and the Undead were basically fighting each other while the underground dwellers waited for the rest to end.

Megan points her finger at some Orc Boy during her animosity phase. It is odd, she seems to be about the only one who actually gets in the pics.

More Undead and Orc action.

And we finally start to see some REAL causalities.

And after the Orcs voluntarily rout, I climb to another rooftop to evade the eventual return of the Undead.

My grand view of the battlefield, awaiting for the Undead to show their faces and get sling shotted to death.

An arty shot of the Vampire in a house.

Ghouls surrounding the same house my lone verminkin is hiding on.

And some other people inside of houses.

The first line of defense, some GR (Giant Rats, really got to get some models of those) and a troll slayer.

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  1. I can't believe Megan sold a Big Un to the pits just because of a bad chest wound, how sad!

    Sounds like you did quite well.

    Taking pictures is always hard to do, usually I just take a crap ton of the battle and pick the ones I like!