Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Night Mordheim: Map Campaigns Simple Vs. Complex

Monday Night Mordheim; Map Campaigns, Part; I lost Track...Simple Vs. Complex.

Now, I want to talk a bit more about Map Campaigns, and I think that I'll have one more article on the subject before I move onto something that interests me a bit more. I want to talk about the final bit that you need to decide on before actually starting a Map Campaign, and this is often the most important thing just like all of those other most important things I've already talked about.

Simple Map campaigns, are just that, simple. They do not emphasize anything besides one person attacking, another person defending. That is about as deep as it gets. Each turn each person gets an attack action to try to take a territory, and can defend as many times as they are attacked. Some people make a rule about only one defense action round, that way no one gets overly powerful as the campaign goes on, since every game results in gaining experience.

Complex Map Campaigns are well, complex. Boy, I'm just a grand stater of the obvious tonight, aren't I? Well, here's the thing, and many of the reasons that people really like Map Campaigns are because of Complex Map Campaigns. Complex Map Campaigns are difficult and requires a TON of book keeping.

Complex campaigns are the ones that take after those RTS video games. There are resources management, plotting and planning, and difficult. This is where Mordheim and campaigns aren't really designed to work together. Mordheim is designed to be a simple campaign structure for ease of play. While many games like 40K, are primarily points buy base, and you can assign points to different areas, you really can't do that with Mordheim. I mean, you can, but you put yourself in dire straits with other warbands. I will address the specifics on creating some special rules for Mordheim complex map games in my next installment (told you I would have one more!). Before I get into more specifics, I want to cover some of the basics that seem to apply to all Complex map games.

*Each unit (or warband) can move one territory per turn, regardless of what type of unit it is.
*Each player has one attack option per turn (ie, a move into an opponent's territory).
*Different territories provide additional points/Gold Crowns, at different values for helping purchase units.
*Defenses can be built up in territories to help defend them.
*Special Territories take on special significance in terms of building units, or even moving units.

Well, um, that's about it for now. However, I really want to mention a really great article that my friend Reepy wrote. Two Players Big CAMPAIGN. He wrote it for 40K, but I think that a lot of the information in it is very helpful to starting a New Complex Campaign.


  1. I find the comples kind grind to a halt very early on, waiting for someone to finish their turn - if they do run for a while, the map metagame takes over to the extent that we might as well have just played Risk instead. Looking forward to seeing if you can manage it, though.

  2. I also find that to be true, but I really want to cover the subject with a tad of objectivity. I vastly prefer a simple round robin format.